el museo


About the girl

Hello there! My name is Aniella, and I’m a pint-sized lover of all things artsy, I’m a professional graphic designer and artist.

Originally from Venezuela, I moved to New York City two years ago to fall in love (check!) and follow my creative dreams. I have worked with several agencies, big and small, as well as a graphic design freelancer just to come to the realization that my true calling is sitting everyday with a cup of matcha imagining new, colorful things, bring them to life and share them with whoever is watching.

About el museo

Contrary to what you might think, El Museo is not a made up word, it translates to “The Museum” in spanish. Founded in 2014 by my restless, shimmering brain, and the constant encouragement of my really cool husband this love-child was conceived as a multidisciplinary studio aiming to breed fun, whimsical art, comics and other goods.

Spreading the love from a tiny Greenwich Village apartment in hectic New York, El Museo makes up for the lack of space with a cascade of imaginative ideas and the willfulness to transform its path into a vibrant one.