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I recently paid a visit to the Guggenheim Museum by Central Park and, believe or not, it was my first. I found the exhibitions to be a bit underwhelming, but I didn't get to see the current Alberto Burri retrospective as it was being set-up at the moment. The structure, in the other hand, is out of this world. Mr. Wright never disappoints and the Guggenheim is not the exception. It took Frank about 16 years of work to finish the project, and not in vain every corner is an interesting backdrop for art and photo ops.

Its unique central geometry was meant to allow visitors to easily experience Guggenheim's collection of nonobjective geometric paintings by taking an elevator to the top level and then viewing artworks by walking down the slowly descending, central spiral ramp, the floor of which is embedded with circular shapes and triangular light fixtures to complement the geometric nature of the structure. However, when the museum was completed, a number of details of Wright's design were ignored, such as his desire for the interior to be painted off-white. Further, the Museum currently designs exhibits to be viewed by walking up the curved walkway rather than walking down from the top level.

Up or down is still pretty bad-ass, and if you are visiting the city and love architecture this should be the one museum you stop by. Oh, New York, why you so cool?

guggenheim new york

In other news: a special thanks to my friend Daniela for these shots and congrats on setting up shop on the internet, welcome to the blogosphere!

guggenheim new york

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