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Pollock-Inspired Pumpkins

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Pollock-Inspired Pumpkins DIY

I wanted to make something fun, using things I already owned, for my Halloween decor this year and decided to search the web for artful inspiration. Of course, when the first Jackson Pollock came around on my Pinterest board I was sold. Acrylic paint? Check! Brushes? Check! Willingness to make a mess? Check!

Not to take away from the man, but I personally find Mr. Pollock more attractive than genius, although–in my 20s–I've come to the conclusion that those two qualities often juxtapose and one can open a window to see the other more clearly. Images of him doing his thing drew me closer with excitement to this project, even more than the actual finished pieces I looked at. There was room for creativity–Pollock always looks so relaxed and focused. I wanted to feel that way too, even for a little while. And that was it, my pumpkins would be rocking paint splatters.

Look at that pristine old-man hair!  (source)

Look at that pristine old-man hair! (source)

The color palette I used for this project isn't very Pollock per-se, but hey, this was about recycling and these were the colors I had, so they would have to do. And just like that I was ready, are you? Let's Pollock!

Pollock-Inspired Pumpkins DIY


1. Pumpkins! Whatever size you want. I initially spray-painted mine with an old Montana Gold can I had forgotten in the back of my closet. You can also use white acrylic paint or that old bucket of wall paint you have in your basement.

2. Acrylic paints. I found these really bright ones at Da Vinci Artist Supplies a while back, but any other acrylic paint would do.

3. Painting brushes, or even those old make-up brushes you no longer use can be recycled.



Dissolve the first color you'd like to layer on your pumpkin in some water. You want the consistency to be that of a pumpkin soup (pun so intended). The concoction is got to be watery enough to fly off your brush, but thick enough that it will stay in place once it landed on your canvas–or pumpkin, whatever.

Pollock-Inspired Pumpkins DIY


Repeat the process of step ONE with each of the colors you'd like to use. Layer splashes, dance around, be marry; until you are happy with the result.

PRO TIP: Swing your arm in a chief conductor motion; the closer the swing the larger the mark. Oh, and thicker brushes make larger splashes.


To finish them off (and this optional) paint the stems with the color of your preference and LET-THEM-DRY (not optional) overnight. And that's it, you are free to go!

Pollock-Inspired Pumpkins DIY

What do you think? Use the comment section to ask any questions and hashtag #ElMuseoDIY if you make them this Halloween!