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5 practical collage secrets

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iphone dream collage

Making collages is one of the most relaxing activities I can think of. I can sit for hours looking at magazines, sit for hours cutting them up, and sit for hours rearranging my cut-outs until they fit just right. It's nice. I listen to podcasts, watch bad movies and day-dream while I'm at it. I have to admit though, it wasn't always so relaxing. I got so stressed out about cutting up the wrong chunk, messing up my pretty paper or that stupid, messy glue. So after many trials, and lots, and lots of errors I learned a thing or two, and I've decided to share some of the tricks I've gathered throughout my collage way (5 to be exact) so you can skip the tough part and move on to the fun right away! 

cake collage

Cut up the flimsy parts

Many times I found an incredible, itty-bitty piece that I had to have, just to see it crumble 5 minutes later under my pair of hungry scissors. When you come across this situation: just divide the thing and make sure you do it at a place where it can be easily put back together if that's your intention. If not, just play with your two new ridiculously tiny bits.

Clean your hands. Constantly!

Don't you hate those stupid back smudges all over your no-longer nice, crisp paper? It's dirt. From your hands. So keep them clean, and always double check them before smearing your work with unwanted marks.

Use a glue-stick

Some people swear by that white school glue, but I'm a believer for its adhesive, less messy sibling: the stick. You don't run the risk of using too much or damaging your paper. It's just way easier and neat overall, and it's cheaper too.

have a ruler handy

It will help you be exact when placing pieces, and most importantly: it's better than your hands for flattening the paper once your glueing it together. No fuzz, no bumps. You're welcome.

Let it dry

Seriously. Stop looking at it, let the glue do its magic and don't touch the damn thing. I know it's tempting, and as creative soul your work is never done, but trust me on this one. Once you see you actually have a final product, you'll be happy you did not mess with it (too much).

dart books collage

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