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Inspired by: Francis Baudevin

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I've been away from the blogosphere for the past week, because my mother–who I hadn't seen in over a year–is visiting. Her name is Francis. She inspired this post.

A second take on the Inspired By series was overdue. I took these shots back in the summer, keeping in mind a recent discovery: Francis Baudevin. Francis is a Swiss artist who explores the importance of pattern and color. He assigns patterns a complex meaning, anchoring them to a framework of extremely dense and multiple connections and identification processes. On his canvases, a stripe or color motif will be interpreted differently by the spectator’s eye according to the background color, and some shapes will not even reveal themselves easily; only an intensive observation will allow people to see a pattern that remains invisible at first glance. I enjoy this aspect of his work a lot.

Francis Baudevin’s art assumes the sensitivity and subtleties of music thanks to rhythm, movement and the graphical-painterly iterations that his paintings reveal; which is exactly what I wanted to convey with a very graphic and colorful outfit on a equally pictorial backdrop. Colors had to be solid and bright, hence pictures taken way back in the summer time when this convos were acceptable. I like to think I succeeded in my endeavor.


Who would you like me to get inspired by next? Want to participate in the experiment? Let me know in the comments or using the hashtag#InspiredByExperiment on instagram!