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inspired by: simona pries

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In the last few decades, fashion has become the focus of an increasing number of museum exhibitions and many visual artists are now collaborating with luxury labels. Now, the once distinct border between these two forms of expression has become increasingly blurred and the question: Is fashion art? is too frequent.

Regardless of your take on this matter, Art and fashion have always developed side by side, BECAUSE fashion, like art, represents a visual expression to the cultural climate. 

It's no secret that color, texture and shape is a common thread between these creative visual forms, inevitably linking them. To me, these connections have become second-nature since back in the day when I started falling in love with aesthetics. One of the most common ways I translate my passion for visual arts into my everyday life is by using it as a source of inspiration to style myself. This is why Inspired by is the first series I'll launch on this space. It's a little personal experiment to explicitly pin-point the things that art and fashion have in common, as well as to challenge myself to be creative and find such commonalities. This experiment is not only about the outfit, but the look-and-feel of the work. I've challenged myself to produce a photo that visually reflects the inspiration source and straightforwardly showcases the similarities between both images. 

So here we are: my first pick for this experiment is Simona Pries, whose work I fell in love with a while back. She is a German sculptor and installation artist who uses different materials to build up color within her pieces. By layering translucent surfaces over cement fragments in soft pastel hues, she displays her awareness of material properties and an amazing sensibility for color. Plus, it looks preeetty.

I, for one, am a sucker for her understated pieces that showcase a subtle balance between the fragility of glass and the durability of concrete. I felt compelled to put together an outfit that would recreate this interesting play on textures. The dress is a matte, rough-to-the-touch simple shape white number, accessorized with subtle reflective details to create a similar effect to those awesome mirrored crystals. I found a brick backdrop that is a direct reference to Simona's color scheme to photograph it on and voilร , challenge completed!

Who would you like me to get inspired by next? Want to participate in the experiment? Let me know in the comments or using the hashtag #InspiredByExperiment on instagram!