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matisse-inspired phone case

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matisse-inspired phone case diy

I love crafts! As a graphic designer, I've been into them long before I started college. Oh, my Art Attack days. Truth be told, it's a very rewarding thing to be able to look at something I created with my own tiny hands (you can ask my friends, they are abnormally small). So that's why, when thinking about creating this blog I was sure I wanted to include a DIY section to share some of my fun ideas inspired by art and color, of course!

My first post on the subject is going to be a Matisse-inspired phone case project. Specifically motivated by his cut-out series, which I got a chance to see on display at the MoMa last winter. The exhibition was beautiful and filled with color, it was just my taste.

source:  ny times

source: ny times

In the late 1940s, Henri Matisse turned almost exclusively to cut paper as his primary medium, and scissors as his chief implement, introducing a radically new operation that came to be called a cut-out. Matisse would cut painted sheets into forms of varying shapes and sizes—from the vegetal to the abstract—which he then arranged into lively compositions, striking for their play with color and contrast, their exploitation of decorative strategies, and their economy of means.

Economy of means is right. This was really easy (and cheap) project to make. So are you ready now? Let's go...

matisse-inspired phone case diy

What you'll need

1. A clear phone case that fits your device, I got mine on Amazon.
2. Vinyl paper in your desired palette. I found mine at Michaels, but you can get your hands on these at any craft store or online (just make sure the paper is colored on both sides as shown in this photo on the right).
3. A pencil or pen.
4. Small scissors for easy access.

Easy breezy.

matisse-inspired phone case diy


Using your pen, trace your phone on the back of all the vinyl sheets you want to use to get an idea of the size the cut-outs should be.



Go to town and draw as many Matisse-inspired cut-outs as you wish inside the previously traced rectangles. It's great to have options.



Now grab your scissors and cut those puppies up, then plan out how to distribute them inside your case. It doesn't need to be exact.


Start sticking your vinyl cut-outs on the inside part of your case, fill it up all the way aaand you're done! Now you have a fun Matisse-inspired case to pair to your most colorful outfits.


What do you think? Use the comment section to ask any questions and the hashtag #ElMuseoDIY if you make it!