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nyfw's street style illustrated

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el museo ©

el museo©

NYFW was a big, fast blur. There was so much to absorb–in and out of the runway. That's why having the great Vogue online, and always at hand is so, so helpful. All the info in just one place? Sign me in!

This season I was inspired by Phil Oh's mad skills behind the lens. Based on some of his street style snaps for Vogue I created the above illustration, which you can download hereminus the coloring–aka you can do with it whatever tickles your fancy! Have some fun coloring inside (or outside) the lines. Pimp it, hang it, use it as your screensaver (but don't sell it!)–then share your creations with me, pretty please?

What was your favorite NYFW moment? Leave a comment below!

how to survive your first new york winter

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outfit: Diesel Black Gold Pre-Fall 2016.

outfit: Diesel Black Gold Pre-Fall 2016.

I come from a far away land where there are no seasons, no hurricanes named after dead people, no zombie trees dying and coming back to life, no baby icebergs floating on the lake next to my house. Where I come from is known to be, even in the Caribbean, one of the hottest spots on the Equator. Maracaibo is famous for its inclement, ever-standing sun (it's right and center in our state flag) and a contaminated lake due to unhealthy, but coveted, amounts of oil. So it's fair to say that no, you can't, under any circumstances, refresh yourself by dipping your toes in the water; at most you can dress as light as possible parading yourself in front of any AC on as high as possible.

I moved to New York City in a cold January two years ago. It was the first time I had ever seen snow. Ever. I had watched American Christmas movies and idolized the beautiful winter wonderland they depicted. But all that drastically changed the first time I stepped out of my new apartment in my skimpy caribbean gear (aka shorts, tank tops and flip-flops). I had no idea how merciless the wind can be to a bare face, how unfriendly the blocks of snow are to an unprotected foot, and how difficult it was to feel alive when faced with deadly conditions. So I learned a thing or two, the very hard way, that I'm willing to share with you for the sake of your health.

First things first: always check the weather! It might be steady where you come from, but New York is the most unpredictable city on this side of the planet, temperatures fluctuate at the blink of an eye going from one extreme to another without warning. Some days you might need rain boots, another just a light jacket, and the next day the warmest scarf you own with double leggings. The weather according to Google might be the closest guess you get to making sure you'll live another day.

Give up your old style, and by that I don't mean: look awful; but you must set aside that cute cotton crop top you brought from Florida. Instead get everything wool and accessorize with layers on top of layers. You'll be glad to be walking around in your own warm cocoon.

And then there were shoes. I ruined so many good pairs of perfectly decent sandals, I can't even think about it without mourning a little. No matter how ordinary you believe winter boots look, you'll have to get a pair, because there no other shoe can manage to survive being dipped in that cold mud New Yorkers insist on calling snow.

Ultimately, the sad truth is that the cold in this city never stays outdoors. The chill would clinch to my bones all day long, specially after making so many rookie mistakes. Once I got home, it would take a warm bath, two hot cocoas and three blankets to get from blue to alive; but that was until my first American Christmas happened, and I got a ridiculous amount of scented candles for gifts, which I smelled with disdain because they were always a waste of money where I come (unless the power went out). But later that day when I lit a few before going to bed, I realized they could be a great friend. They kept me just warm enough in bed and gave me the most cozy caribbean-scented dreams. They were home that night.

What are your tips for surviving the winter?

Inspired by: Francis Baudevin

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I've been away from the blogosphere for the past week, because my mother–who I hadn't seen in over a year–is visiting. Her name is Francis. She inspired this post.

A second take on the Inspired By series was overdue. I took these shots back in the summer, keeping in mind a recent discovery: Francis Baudevin. Francis is a Swiss artist who explores the importance of pattern and color. He assigns patterns a complex meaning, anchoring them to a framework of extremely dense and multiple connections and identification processes. On his canvases, a stripe or color motif will be interpreted differently by the spectator’s eye according to the background color, and some shapes will not even reveal themselves easily; only an intensive observation will allow people to see a pattern that remains invisible at first glance. I enjoy this aspect of his work a lot.

Francis Baudevin’s art assumes the sensitivity and subtleties of music thanks to rhythm, movement and the graphical-painterly iterations that his paintings reveal; which is exactly what I wanted to convey with a very graphic and colorful outfit on a equally pictorial backdrop. Colors had to be solid and bright, hence pictures taken way back in the summer time when this convos were acceptable. I like to think I succeeded in my endeavor.


Who would you like me to get inspired by next? Want to participate in the experiment? Let me know in the comments or using the hashtag#InspiredByExperiment on instagram!